Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Turtle Tchotchke Tuesday

You've seen Tchotchkie featured as a Turtle Tchotchke Tuesday before but we had a fun event with him so here he is again!

They say Russian tortoises recognize their people. Apparently that is true.

Tchotchkie was in his burrow with his head sticking out a bit. I brought him some zucchini. When I opened the lid to his enclosure, he saw me, scampered out and strolled over toward me. I held a piece of the zucchini in front of him and he started chowing down.

Jerry got out his phone and made a movie of it.

Here's a still picture of the event.

Why hadn't I tried this before?


Poss said...

Not sure what kind of tortoise this is but thought you might have something to look forward to.